welcome to corinth secondary school

Our Motto


At Corinth, we work and play together 
for the progress of the individual, the school and our wider community.

Corinth Secondary School

Contact us

+1- 758 450 1257
email. corinthsecondaryschool@gmail.com

Our School Anthem


  • School fees are to be paid at the beginning of every school year.
  • Form 1 and New Students pay: $290.00
  • Continuing students from Form 2 to Form 5 pay: $130.00
  • Other fees – Graduation fees at the end of Form 5.
  • Payments are to be made to our Bank of St. Lucia account. 

      Account number : 514006003
      Account Name: Corinth Secondary School
  • A copy of the Bank Slip must presented to the Bursar’s office.

In 2019 the school obtained a pass rate of  84%.

Most of our students wrote 7 subject in the CXC examination and obtained passing grades.

What is said about us

"I've always looked back on my time at Corinth Secondary as the key, formative years of my development as a creative professional even to this day. It was at Corinth I realised my love for the English Language and storytelling. The support I received from the teachers and friends I'd made in my time there will always hold a special place in my heart. Thankfully I've been able to make the most of my time there and it has propelled me even further than where I imagined I'd be at that time"
Imran St. brice
Past Student
"Congratulations to Corinth Secondary School on the proficient management structure implemented in my experience as a parent. The school continues to set itself above standard by continuing to provide a holistic environment for the development of successful young adults contributing positively to our society."
Mrs. Sherona goodridge
Former Parent
"I am proud to be student of the Corinth Secondary School. My school experiences as a Corinthian are not only educational but also, life changing and eye opening. With the aid of the teachers, principal and staff who assist in molding me, I am now the type of individual who is going to be an asset to my country. As I go through my journey at Corinth I am very well known. I participate in almost every activity that Corinth offers for example; annual school sports, playing in the school marching band, being head prefect, President of the school students' council and also other clubs. I have gotten the chance and experience to represent Corinth Secondary on several occasions and as a result of the experience, I have been selected to represent my country as well . Successfully Passing the Common Entrance exam for the Corinth Secondary School was a really a good thing, as I have been making the best out of every opportunuty Corinth Secondary School has to offer."
Sherwin Alexander
Student, president of the Students' Council