Corinth Secondary School

Our staff

The organisational structure of the school consists of a Principal, Vice Principal, Heads of Department, Year-heads, Conusellor and Bursar who form the Senior Management Team (SMT).

Homeroom Teachers, Subject Teachers; Co-ordinators of Clubs and Groups; Administrative Staff (bursar, secretary, laboratory assistant), Ancillary Staff (janitors, caretakers security personnel) and the PTA.

Additional support personnel are: The Guidance Counsellor, the Educational Management Information System (EMIS) co-ordinator, Special Education teacher and the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) Manager.  

It is a hierarchical structure based on departments.  

The different departments are Mathematics, Information Technology, Home Economics, Natural Sciences, Technical/Vocational, Business, Social Sciences, English, Creative Arts and Modern Languages.

Our School


There is an atmosphere of warmth and comfort at the school. Hence, service is given to all, regardless of colour, race, religion, nationality or socio-economic status.

Welcome to Corinth Secondary School

The Curriculum

The school offers subjects such as Mathematics, English Language, English Literature, Chemistry, Integrated Science, Biology, Physics, Agricultural Science, Social Studies, Geography, History, French, Spanish, Building Technology (Woods), Technical Drawing,  Food and Nutrition, Visual Arts, Music, Theatre Arts, Physical Education, Health and Family Life Education, Principles of Accounts, Principles of Business, Office Administration, Economics, Information Technology,  Education For Democratic Citizenship and Electronic Document Preparation Management (EDPM).

All subjects are offered at CXC level except  Health and Family Life Education and Education for Democratic Citizenship.



Mrs. Tessa John-Guerra, School Counsellor generally begins the process of Career Guidance with the Form 3s with an incredibly special workshop. This workshop is entitled: “Choosing Subjects & The Right Career” and is facilitated by a Career Guidance Specialist who comes to St. Lucia for just one day from the organization, CHOICES Career & Education Advice.

At that workshop all students receive their personal copy of two booklets entitled “The Career Key” and “Choices Career & Education Magazine” so students were able to follow with our presenter and take part in the different exercises in that workshop. The Career Key has an accurate career test which is one of the few tests that truly measures the Holland six personality types, according to scientific studies. The Career Key’s scientific matching system enables students to identify careers that match their set of interests, traits, skills, and abilities. The Career Key personality test gave students information on careers suited to their personality as well as showing them how to create a career portfolio, career tips and strategies.

Thereafter the students are engaged in intensive lectures from the beginning of February which is our Career Guidance Month. In those lectures, students get an idea of the different careers they can pursue within the profession that was being discussed. The students are guided in the subjects that they chose for CSEC for them to gain access to further education in these specific career areas. The lecturers also share with our students their rewards as well as their challenges in their chosen profession and students get an insight into their personal experiences as a professional.

the houses

Sports helps  not only to maintain energy and strength which improves blood circulation and keeping physically fit, but it also in improving mental sharpness,stamina and character building.

Sports plays an Integral role in education. So sports and physical activities are fundamental in the school curriculum.

Competitive sport requires dedicated training and practice. Participating in such training and seeing improvement helps students to understand that with hard work, often comes results. When they experience these improvements, their self-esteem grows thus making them confident that they can achieve thier goals.

Enhanced leadership skills: Sports activities not only demand the role of a team player but, a leader at times. Knowing how to lead a team in the school days will boost up their leadership quality which enables them to be good decision makers. This also teaches them to manage team and personal emotions as well as improve team and personal discipline.

Our History

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